Connelly Lotus 130 with O’Brien Clutch 4-8 Binding


The Lotus is regarded as one of the best shapes for learning and progressing your wakeboarding. Long base molded fins add traction without drag, and a removable center fin can be used for ultimate grip. The subtle 3-stage rocker line is blended to be smooth carving into the wake and poppy off the lip. It’s the perfect balance of predictability and explosive performance.


  • • Blended performance and stability
    • System 80 Core
    • Full spine
    • Enhanced edge channel for stability
    • Subtle 3-stage rocker
    • Long base molded fins
    • 2 bolt on 1.7″ center Skater fins
    • Designed for: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Weight: up to 130lbs


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