Head Edge Lyt 80W


Customization, comfort and ease of use define the easy entry all-ride EDGE LYT 80 W, providing comfortable all-day performance to experienced skiers. It features our revolutionary EDGE LYT design, which provides direct skier to ski power transfer, supreme balance and control through turns and enhanced customisation, rear support and energy transmission for better skiing with less effort. We also equipped the boot with a Women’s Perfect Fit heat mouldable liner for supreme comfort, hold and rider-to-ski power transfer and adjustable performance to athletic flex modes.

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  • PU shell provides light support for efficient power transmission.
  • Medium flex suits intermediate and experienced skiers.
  • Adjustable flex changes the boot’s performance from 70 to 80.
  • Perfect Fit liner moulds to your foot with or without heat and can be re-moulded.
  • Double adjustable cuff gets the shell height just right.
  • Closures include 4 micro-adjusting low profile buckles with 1 supermacro ratchet.
  • 35mm Velcro strap securely tensions the cuff.
  • Turn key adjusts boot width from 98-102mm.
  • GripWalk option for soles.

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