Hyperlite 3.9 Gromcast



  • Young Surfers: Wide design for perfect balance and short length for easy handling.
  • Customization Fans: Three removable fins for a fully customizable surfing experience.
  • Carve and Spin Beginners: Ideal for learning and mastering carving and spinning.
  • Durable Construction Enthusiasts: Monocoque construction and Layered Glass for long-lasting use.

The Hyperlite Gromcast Wakesurf Board is specially crafted for the young and ambitious surfers. This board combines a wide, stable design with a short length, making it incredibly easy for kids to manage and master. Equipped with three removable fins, it offers a fully customizable ride, catering to every unique surfing style. Whether it’s their first time carving the waves or spinning with joy, the Gromcast is designed to make each experience exhilarating and safe. The board’s Monocoque construction and Layered Glass ensure durability against impacts, promising long-term fun on the water. With the Biolite 3 Core, it’s not only lightweight but also robust, guaranteeing that young surfers can enjoy the same thrilling pop and performance for years to come. The Gromcast is not just a wakesurf board; it’s the beginning of a lifelong surfing passion for your youngsters.

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