Hyperlite Murray Bio 137 with Team Boot

Original price was: $839.99.Current price is: $699.99.

When it came time to design the Murray, Hyperlite wanted to create a board that utilizes pro model features that Shaun Murray is accustomed to, while still keeping it user-friendly enough that you don’t have to be Shaun Murray to enjoy it. To that end, the Murray is equipped with the Subtle 3-Stage rocker line, which gives the board more pop than another rocker type, while being smooth enough to maintain speed in the wake. As a bonus, carving is kept completely natural by the Dual Tunnel base contours. The whole thing is topped off with a variable edge design and an exaggerated landing zone for clean edge transitions and landings softer than your favorite pillow. Grab hold of the Murray, even if your name isn’t Shaun Murray.


Ability Level:Intermediate-Advanced

Rocker Type:Three-Stage

Fins:4 – .8″ P-Wing

Athletes:Shaun Murray

Warranty:2 Years

Core Construction:Foam and Glass


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