O’Brien Switch 52″ Wakesurf


Smooth and forgiving yet built for performance, the Switch enhances the skim style surf experience.  It carves with ease, breaks free for spins and is designed to add consistency and progression to all your skate and skim inspired moves.  The fiberglass and PU construction softens the overall ride and makes the board more forgiving for beginner and intermediate surfers.  At the same time, with its sharp rails, fast rockerline, and wider than your traditional pintail shape, the Switch carries speed, locks into the wave, and delivers tons of control on the water, This wakesurfer’s shape is designed to perform forwards or backwards so you can comfortably ride away on shuvits and 180’s while taking advantage of the nearly full length machined EVA pad.  Check out this new ride from O’Brien, it’s time to RIDE THE WAVE!

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  •  Length 52″
  • Skim Style Board
  • 3 Fin Setup / 1 Spike 1.0 & 2 Lambo 1.7″
  • Surf CAP Construction
  • Perfect for those surfers looking for the Ultimate Skim Style Performance

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