Phase 5 Womens Pro Vest


Elevate your wakesurfing experience with the Phase Five Ladies’ Pro Wakesurf Vest. This zip-up style vest is essential for those looking to enhance their performance on the water. Crafted with maximum flexibility and range of motion in mind, the P5 Pro Wake Vest is exceptionally lightweight and non-restrictive, ensuring you can move freely as you navigate the waves. Made from the highest quality neoprene material, it not only offers fast drying capabilities but also unparalleled comfort. This vest allows for a full scale of motion, enabling you to perform at your best with ease and confidence. Whether you’re executing tricks or cruising, this vest is designed to help you ride like a pro.



  • Thin, lightweight, and quick drying zip-up riding vest
  • High quality wetsuit style neoprene
  • Tight fit recommended when brand new
  • Neoprene will stretch up to 10% when wet and in use
  • Non coast guard approved vest


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