Phase Five Race Wakesurf

Original price was: $1,299.99.Current price is: $849.99.

Race Surf



The Race is new for 2016. This shape evolved from the proven Wire and aims to please agile riders that desire more feel and responsiveness. The design features a narrower outline profile drawn straighter with less curve. You will also notice the pronounced wide diamond tail. This combination of shape elements has lightning quick response and an active on board feel. The narrower mid section makes Race very nimble and fast when going rail to rail. Be ready to keep your speed in transitions between tricks. Like the tail, the nose has a diamond shaped which keeps Race stable when you spin 360’s or air reverses. Yet the nose is narrow enough so it doesn’t catch when charging in for big airs and sprays. The Race is stable and easy enough to ride for any beginner, but most suited for the advanced rider ready to take it to the top. This board is built with our standard E-Glass/Epoxy construction. Fins are P5’s 4.3 twin set up for speed and agility.

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