Upgrade your ride with the Fat Bike Compatible Wheel Tray Set for Current, E-Spec, and G10 bike racks, the essential addition for fat-bike enthusiasts. Compatible with the Current, E-Spec, and G10 bike racks, this set accommodates tires up to 5″ wide. Featuring a revolutionary roll-thru design for the rear and a standard full-arc style for the front, it ensures optimal support for your bike and allows easy loading and unloading with the Ramp & Bridge. Sold as a pair for one bike, this set is your go-to for seamless fat-bike integration.

*Note that when using this wheel tray set on the rack, the roll-thru tray should be used for the back wheel. The full-length tray aids in the support of the front wheel of the bike and prevents the wheel from turning or the bike from coming loose in the rack.