Towable Tubes & Inflatables – There’s really nothing quite as thrilling as tubing on the lake with family and friends. 

You wouldn’t think an object could bring such joy, but towable boat tubes might just do the trick. From the look of exhilaration on their faces as they’re being towed on the tube to the smiles and laughter of those watching from the boat, it’s always a good day on the water with an inflatable tube from Abom Ski & Board Calgary. Whether you are looking for a fun new way to enjoy your boat with the whole family, the perfect tubing rope, a new screamer tube that can pull more people, or the latest in boating accessories, we have you covered for a summer of fun on the water. Select from our wide variety of inflatable boat tubes from brands including O’Brien, HO and Connelly, offering the best in quality, comfort and durability.

No matter your boating level, Abom Ski & Board Calgary is your towable tube destination and we are ready with everything you need to get out on the wake this summer!

Don’t forget to check out our selection of wetsuits and gear to keep everyone safe, warm, and happy on the lake. Come in and try out any of our wetsuits and lifejackets available for the whole family from toddlers all the way through to adult riders.

We are fully stocked with all the tubes, inflatables and accessories you need including; towable tubes, inflatables, tubing ropes, wetsuits, lifejackets & comp vests, bathing suits and accessories.

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